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PDF files import

I need a lot of the time to crop old newspaper images. I have them saved in pdfs files that are around 600kb each. When I use document viewer in Linux I can zoom in and the print is crisp and legible. When I import them into GIMP when I zoom in it is blurred. I am guessing there is some problem with converting pdfs. What do I need to do to not lose resolution and to be able to edit down to the particular stories I want?


The first thing: Gimp will import a PDF with a default value of 100 pixels-per-inch (ppi) That is often too low a value, so increase it in the PDF import dialogue.

However, take the PDF origins into account. It will be an image file of some sort wrapped up as a PDF. Newspaper scans, then maybe greyscale rather than colour. The embedded image compressed or uncompressed. The image ppi - unknown?  

A file size 600 kb and probably 300ppi jpeg's maybe compressed tiff's. Unlikely to get any improvement over importing at 300 ppi.

Thanks. I had a look and my version of GIMP is set to import at 100,000 not 300,000 as in the screenshot you showed. When I import at the later it seems to be at a workable resolution. Am a bit surprised the default is so low as most people using GIMP will be wanting to work high quality.

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