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PNG-to-PNG batch conversion (preserving Alpha Ch.)
Dear Forum,

I need to halve the resolution of about sixty .png pictures, from 600dpi to 300dpi, preserving their Alpha Channel (transparent background).

I tried with XnView, which provides a very complete batch conversion/editing tool, but, ulnluckily, in the new 300dpi files Alpha is suppressed.

What can I do?

Can GIMP work on these several files this way, with a unique batch action?

Thank you.
The BIMP plugin will work

Just checked with a couple of (made up) 600 ppi png's with transparency.

Add your images, folder or individual, add the 2 procedures, resize and 'change format', set the output destination.

Thank you!
Just what I was searching for.


(10-19-2017, 08:53 AM)rich2005 Wrote: The BIMP plugin will work

Just tried and verified: Alpha-Channel still is also in the new pictures.


It works!

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