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(02-18-2021, 11:13 AM)rich2005 Wrote: Maybe you lost the Superblade plugin registration and the plugin has time-expired.

However, not much you can do from the Gimp side.
Go into your Gimp 2.8 user profile and delete the file pluginrc Start Gimp up and reset the plugin path from the PSPI dialogue.
This a Win 7 32 bit (VM) and Gimp 2.8.22
Ok I finally got it to work. I reinstalled 2x. I did delete what you told me to delete but that didn't work. Then on a whim I made a new file and it worked. So i went to giimp file that I had saved and it didn't work. so I exit out of that file and went back to the file I had created it worked. so it must be something with the old file. Weird

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