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Panorama with gimp
Panorama software, lots of it are available. But can it be done with gimp? Yes there are some plugins, but let's try it with gimp in combination with Ottia Tuota tools. In this example 2 photos made handhold are used. The photos should overlap a lot like the ones here. Place them in a canvas that is big enough to place the two photos side by side. Make two paths (4 points) referring to the same information on both photos. 
Use the Filters / Distorts / Perspective transform / Perspective transform - 4 points to 4 points plugin from Ottia Tuota. Et voilà, the photos are nicely stitched.
Now use the gimp Colours / Exposure tool to match the color exposure and use the erase tool with a soft brush to blend the two layers. Flatten the image and use the 3D transform tool and the crop tool to adjust the result.
Nice explanation, but I'd like a comparison of the sharpness of the result with one from a regular panorama application, because the bushes on the right and the pavement at the bottom right bear the scars from the stretch.
@Ofnuts, It was just a try. The photos were made with a wide angle lens. I just haven't find out how to evenly distribute the transformations on the two photos as done in panorama software :

Because the right photo is more deformed than the left one, I made a panorama in gimp with the left photo corrected (no color correction is done)
Well, in practice panoramas are shot in portrait mode so:
  • you stitch more pictures, each picture covering a smaller angle of view
  • the bits that are stretched out the most (farthest from the lens axis) are in the sky and the near ground, where they are either unimportant or cut off.
I was interested in making digital panorama photos since I discovered (I think year 2000) the website from Helmut Dersch concerning panorama tools. He was one of the first pioneers on making digital panoramas. His work is found in several panorama and perspective adjustment software. There is a lot of information available about this person and his work, ex.:

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