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Paths Tool issues with Drawing Tablet
Hello all,
 When using the paths tool with a Veikk A30 drawing tablet I have been running into an issue where Im only able to make 3 to 5 nodes before my path just disappears. Mouse works fine when creating Paths (I've check the tablet settings and everything looks normal). I can start a path with the mouse then continue with the pen/tablet and it seems to work for a bit but if I change tools then go back to the path tool, it starts doing it again. 
   Any ideas?    Thank you.
Very, very few OSX users around. Probably even fewer that use a Veikk A30

A search did turn up a bug report but it was from a Windows user

That does say that the Veikk company was helpful and sent a new driver, maybe you can contact them with the problem.

Did you use the latest driver?

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