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Perspective Clone
I still cannot get htis tool to work as I think it should.
Is their a tut here or can someone point me to one.....a step by step maybe?
I just saw a couple, 2 min one on YT and Jolile's one and still cannot work it out.

You have not been forgotten.

Not a tool I ever use but AFAIK it works as described in the docs. Giving it a whirl in Gimp 2.10.4 linux flatpak.

Say you want a line of plates on a table Wink Two parts to the tool

1. Set the perspective envelope. (Modify Perspective)


2. Switch to Perspective Clone, ctrl-click to set the source, Choose a brush, paint. This using the Alignment set to Aligned. Got strange results with Registered. If anything goes wrong, probably this setting. None is default and letting go the mouse button resets position.

Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I gave up coming to the thread Sad Thank you for replying. you make it sound so easy. I'll have to try it again and let you know if I can.

Got it. Smile Thanks Smile


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