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Photoshop 2018+ Bindings for Gimp 2.10.20
Hello everybody,

after almost 10 days working on it, I finally finished yesterday a small project that will hopefully help people switching from Photoshop to Gimp.

I am pasting some basic info from its Readme.txt file below, but you should read the file itself for a lot more details, instructions, etc.

Homepage (on DeviantArt)
Alternative on gnome-look (for non-DA members)

Switching from Photoshop to Gimp can be challenging. These bindings convert more than 120 Gimp 2.10.20 keyboard shortcuts to Photoshop CC 2018 (or later) equivalents, or to reasonably close ones. They also change the mouse behavior, though only zooming by scrolling the wheel without needing the Ctrl key matches Ps behavior (however, the mouse bindings will hopefully make your life a little easier regardless).

AFAIK (and as of this writing) these are the most comprehensive and the most up to date Photoshop bindings for Gimp, available anywhere. The Complete Reference is available online as a Google Sheet.

If your favorite Photoshop keyboard-shortcut is missing or works differently, first have a look at the "KEY BINDINGS (INCOMPATIBILITIES RATIONALE)" section, in the included Readme.txt file.

To further customize the bindings yourselves, see the "BINDINGS CUSTOMIZATION" section, in the Readme.txt file.

There is no setup, you only need to replace 2 files (menurc and controllerrc) in Gimp's configuration folder. Keep a backup first, so you can restore your prior customization (if any). By simply deleting those 2 files, Gimp re-creates them the next time you run it, assigning its default settings.

I've created and tested the bindings on Windows, but they should work just fine on any platform, as they should also work fine with any theme (in the ad I'm using my very own Clearlooks Gimp 2.10 Themes).

The included Readme.txt file is quite detailed, so have a look there first if you have questions.

PS. As I said in the gimpchat forum, I am using a FHD 1920x1080 monitor. If anyone is interested, I can also share my sessionrc file which takes care of the screen layout. It is the layout you see in the screen-shots of the Clearlooks themes above, making Gimp look more Photoshop-ish. I am just not sure how it will look on monitors with different resolutions, becsaue I see some hard-coded positions inside the file. Anyway, if anyone wants to try it let me know in this topic.

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