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Pictures inside text
Huh  Hi guys and girls i'm new to Gimp have been watching loads of tutorials to learn.

I am trying to put a picture into text and the tutorials i have watched all say right click on the text layer and click on text to selection. I have not got this option, only text to path or text along path. Can some one please tell me where i'm going wrong.

Ppicture is there on one layer
there is layer above it (white) and the text layer above that
don't know what to do next. Help is needed please.
Right click on the text layer and use Alpha To Selection

From your description I don't know what purpose the white layer serves. Maybe you can click on the eye next to it to make it invisible. Then you can make it visible again if it is needed.
Welcome to however please to not post in capitals, it is considered SHOUTING and rude.

For right-click on the text layer you get the selection from the entry right at the bottom Alpha to Selection
It is the same as menu Layer -> Transparency -> Alpha to selection.

There is another way using layer masks with a demo video
My uncle didn't know about SHOUTING as he's new to posting things online I told him about it.
But I thought for people who have already SHOUTED a long post, they should be able to Shout/Unshout.
So here's a simple Javascript Tool that will Shout/Unshout your text.
Shout/Unshout Tool (Javscript)
The answer is not a script.

Just do not copy paste HTML from phone/browser/tablet.

Either use make the post straight into the forum or what I usually do, compose offline in a text editor. For Windows users that would be Notepad.

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