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Plugin Darktable

The interoperability feature with Darktable, which allows to open a RAW file in Darktable from Gimp, does not work.

Gimp is not able to open the RAW file modified by Darktable.
Here is the error window:

GIMP Message :
Calling error for procedure 'gimp-file-load':
Error opening file '/tmp/gimp/2.10/gimp-temp-253451.exr' for reading

GIMP Message
Opening '/home/benoit/RAW/D7100/DCIM/111D7100/NII_2044.NEF' failed:

Raw Nikon plug-in could not open image


I am running Debian GNU/Linux

My Darktable version: 4.0.1
Of Gimp : 2.10.22

I specify that it works on another computer under Debian GNU/Linux in Testing, therefore with other versions of Gimp and Darktable.

Thanks in advance


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