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(10-06-2020, 07:07 AM)rich2005 Wrote:
(10-06-2020, 07:04 AM)vpkumar Wrote: I  have never used this plug in . Could you please let me know what this plug in actually does. Will it detect any errors in my Py plugins.

No. It is used for generating a path, either outline or center-line from an image. Typically from a simple image , a logo or similar.

Thank you very much.
@rich, thank you for the effort. I tried out your suggestions and found no error in the files. Then I tried the portable version of gimp ( and the result is the same, error. 
This is where I copied the files :
The result files :

I think I must buy a bigger dust bin  Wink
Well there is allways InkScape for converting a bitmap image to an SVG.

When it comes to the center-line trace extension ( = plugin) it is a bit problematic with InkScape 1 which uses python 3. Still waiting for it to be updated. The older InkScape 0.98 uses python 2 and similar to Gimp you need to install the AutoTrace executable to get that centerline trace.
@Rich. I checked the original link where I found the script ( and found this : 
If I launch the plugin in gimp, the folder 'Gimp work space' is made. So there are two spaces in the name and I think this is the problem. I searched in the .py file to find if the file name is made in the plugin but I can't find anything (I could be wrong, I'm no specialist in this sort of program). Can I solve this?
I see what you mean from the gimpscripts site.  No spaces or accented characters. Your temporary file location is D:\Gimp work space\ and contains spaces which breaks Autotrace.  All I can suggest is go into Edit -> Preferences -> Folders and change the location of the Temporary folder. 

This a regular Win10 Gimp where the temporary folder is C:\Users\username\Appdata\Local\Temp\gimp No spaces there. I suggest keeping it simple. Try setting to C:\Users 


Which Gimp are you actually using? Even installed for user only on D: there should still be a regular Gimp profile in C:  
Is it a portable version of some sort installed on a removable drive?  
Just for information, there is a Gimp 2.10.22 Windows installer just released. Mostly bug updates - no rush to update.
Thank you rich, I was forgotten where I could change the swap / temp folder in gimp and see, after changing the name to 'D:\Gimpwsp', the trace script is working fine. I use the D drive because the C drive is a small SSD drive that is full for more than 67% and I want to save it. I'm using Gimp 20.10.20 installed on the D drive and have no problems using this program. Thank you for the tip gimp 2.10.22 is available. So problem solved and one happy user.

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