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Plugins for speed up texture creation
Do you know any useful GIMP plugins (or external software) that speed up texture creation for Blender?

Especially I mean: manual editing PBR textures.
There are some tools to do it in 3d, there are node based generators,
but I can't found anything to manually paint multiple images at once in 2D.

For example I set one brush to have: height 0.5 , roughness 0.1, metallic 1, and green color and, when I paint, all images will be painted with expected values. (or paint with different pbr textures)

I know there is InsaneBump plugin but it is for generate additional maps from image, not for editing.

Also I'm looking for something (GIMP plugin or external program) for packing PBR texture atlases.
Auto-packing  is not necessary,  Most important for me is ability to manually positioning many islands.

If there is nothing like this, maybe I inspire someone of GIMP developers with this idea  :-)

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Plugins for speed up texture creation - by autobot - 09-17-2023, 07:42 PM

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