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Png and tiff exports deeply dark - jpg extremely light
Hallo everybody

I'm using arch linux and gimp 2.10.10.

Last week I created some retouched photographs, with many layers, as usual.

Every time I exported them in png or tiff I got them extremely underexposed with a reddish color dominant.

An export in jpg resulted in a light and overexposed image.

When uploaded to flickr these pngs they were given as created with darktable 2.

Since they had been taken into gimp from darktable, which was the software I have associated to gimp for conversion from the original nikon nef, I  educatedly guessed that this ws the problem (a png export from a correctly converted nef by nikon software worked flawlessly).

Anybody has suggestion about how to save my work?

It took many hours to create this final image.
Likely some color management problem, but hard to tell without seeing the image. Any warnings about color profiles?
(Sorry, I don't mean to dig up the old topic, I just had the same problem)

Operating System: Ubuntu 16.4
Version: 2.10.10
I had the same problem as mentioned above - oversaturated, dark PNG exports, whitened JPG exports.
When it happened I had color accuracy set for linear 32-bit. By trial and error I figured the problem doesn't seem to happen if the picture was converted to gamma profile.
When opened with GIMP 2.10 darkened PNG load and display with normal colors, in case of JPG there's a pop-up window with question about conversion from built-in linear sRGB profile to built-in sRGB profile.
Other than that the JPG loads and looks normal in GIMP, but in case of other software the pictures look as shown in the attachment.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
@Thunder this is exactly what was happening to me, don't want to copy all your post but that's it that's what some of my images were doing and it's the images that were done in linear, thank you you champion you not only solved my problem, a few other people using gimp have this happen - this washed out look was not on a regular basis so it was difficult to pinpoint the culprit, you might want to look at the previous post, very similar . . .Thank you

'Color differences jpeg and png (Pages: 1 2 )'

That had crossed my three brain cells but two of em dismissed it,

it's the Image > Precision > Linear Light " ___option causing the washed out look in jpg, and dark in png aww you got good timing thank you my friend Thunder, going to link this over there far too similar not be linked.

Big Thank you to rich2005 and ofnuts for providing this wonderful forum.

So Cool Thank you

One last thing before I go

also might be worth checking the entries in

Preferences > Default Image > Advanced Options >
Precision > is not as important as
Gamma > uncheck - Linear , selective and careful use recommended, recommended by one out of three brain cells.
check - Perception Gamma (sRGB) , uhh crazy

Always find good reading here never thought I be adding anything, nice.

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