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Png and tiff exports deeply dark - jpg extremely light
Hallo everybody

I'm using arch linux and gimp 2.10.10.

Last week I created some retouched photographs, with many layers, as usual.

Every time I exported them in png or tiff I got them extremely underexposed with a reddish color dominant.

An export in jpg resulted in a light and overexposed image.

When uploaded to flickr these pngs they were given as created with darktable 2.

Since they had been taken into gimp from darktable, which was the software I have associated to gimp for conversion from the original nikon nef, I  educatedly guessed that this ws the problem (a png export from a correctly converted nef by nikon software worked flawlessly).

Anybody has suggestion about how to save my work?

It took many hours to create this final image.
Likely some color management problem, but hard to tell without seeing the image. Any warnings about color profiles?

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