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Preserving Customizations if needing to Reinstall?
Whenever I launch GIMP I get about 8 runtime errors, non-critical, that I think are related to plugins.  I read elsewhere that the best bet is to reinstall to fix such nuisance errors.  However, I'm concerned about how to preserve any customizations I've made, hotkeys, etc.  I know of the MenuRC file, so perhaps I can make a copy of that and set it in an unrelated folder, then paste it back into the GIMP folder after installing.  The rest I'm not sure about.  Thanks for any help.
Reinstalling Gimp preserves your "profile", so nothing to worry about, especially if you made backups.

This said, the normal place to install additional plugins is your profile, so by keeping the profile you could be keeping the problems. But these plugins are in the plug-ins directory of the profile, so you could clear that out first before re-installing.

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