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Problem installing Resynthesizer
I'm trying to install Resynthesizer in GIMP 2.10.34 on OSX Ventura.  It appears I'm running into a problem with the libintl library.  I have libintl.8.dylib installed on my system, but not libintl.9.dylib, and it seems the latter is required.  As a workaround (based on a web article), I tried creating a symlink (ln -s libintl.8.dylib libintl.9.dylib), but OSX reports "operation not permitted" (even with sudo).

Any suggestions on how to get Resynthesizer working?  It sounds like a great package.

No reason why the ln -s ... wouldn't be allowed unless this is on a non Unix filesystem? (you can also try to copy it instead of linking it).

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