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Process To Make Blurry Text Legible
I have several photographs that were taken of old blueprints where there was poor lighting and various levels of camera shake causing much of the text to be illegible. Many times the text appears as doubled with one set lighter than the other. I've tried playing with levels mostly and am having difficulty coming up with a process to enhance the text enough to be sure of the dimensions written. Mostly the fractions are hardest to pull out.

I really need some help. The original blueprints have been destroyed and these photographs are all that survive. It is very important to extract the information so that new drawings can be created.

Below is two different photograph snips of the same area on the blueprint.

Thanks Sandy


You really need some de-shake software. See this:
Best I can do following this guide:


What I think you need is called de-convolution, but I can't get the Deconvolution filter in the GMIC plugin to do anything but make things worse.
Thanks Ofnuts and Kevin. Through a lot of trial and error using both of your suggestions, I was able to get 100% legibility from the areas of the drawing I was having the most trouble with. I am very ecstatic with the results. You have both been a big help and I am extremely grateful for this website and your advice. Thank you both very much.


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