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Explaining something I obtained something that looks like an IR photo, so here it is...

The initial question is about inverting luminosity while keeping the colors...

  • Put your image in a group (bottom group in screenshot below)
  • Add a white layer below it
  • Set the image layer to LCH Lightness mode
  • The result of the group is a grayscale version of the image
  • Layer > New from visible to "freeze" that result
  • Color > Invert for a negative version
  • Add a second group (top group in screenshot)
  • Add a copy of your initial image in it
  • Add the inverted layer above it in the group
  • Set the inverted layer to LCH Lightness mode

Edit: there is even a way to avoid the New from visible (layer modes in parentheses when different from "Normal"):

Looks good. It reminds me of the 'solarize' effect that I use sometimes.
Nice and easy to go back :
Colours / Hue-Saturation : hue slider to the left
Colours / Invert

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