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Pspi and 8bf ?
Hi, I am new to this forum and have been using Gimp since it started on Windows.

I guess my question has already been asked several times.
I want to use some 8bf Photoshop plugins.
the pspi file that allows this use is no longer working since version 2.8 of Gimp. Do you know of any other solution?

Windows 10 x64 / Gimp 2.8
I3 / 8gb
welcome to

It should work to certain extent. This is a Win 10 VM and Gimp 2.8.22. Just pulled the pspi from and the only .8bf I had hanging around. (Normally I use linux)

[Image: eR94kju.jpg]

There is only a certain class of .8bf that work anyway, and those made for a different era of smaller images. There are other ways to get PS plugins to work, typically the plugin that runs the plugin in XnView.

I think the Partha version of Gimp incorporates bespoke versions of allowing more advanced PS .8bf such as (some of) the NIC collection to work.

A good place to ask questions on the subject is

Alternatively, many of the effects you get from these old PS plugins are replicated in the Gimp g'mic plugin

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