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Python2 Gimp AppImages for Ubuntu Jammy and Focal
"I went out of town for a week and now your appimage doesn't work on Ubuntu 22.04. My monitor has a black-plastic frame."

The error message--attached--mystifies me. No, it stupefies me.

I've re-downloaded it, but the behavior is the same.

It might help if I had any idea how AppImages worked.  I did change one, tiny, thing: I changed $PATH to $HOME/bin:$PATH after putting a softlink in $HOME/bin to the AppImage and naming it gimp. (I was always forgetting between sessions that I needed to be running the AppImage to get Python2 support, and not the package-system's version.

(As I seem to recall, the AppImage sets up an environment and THEN calls the pkg-sys's version.  If that's so[1], I have probably set up a calling loop...)


[1] Just so: when I rename ~/bin/gimp to ~/bin/gimpa, BOOM!, just like that, the command gimpa launches the AppImage.  (Moving on now to treating self-inflicted injury.)  I did what I did because all my attempts, so far, to get the command gimp to launch the AppImage have failed. Simple things like trying to create an alias have failed.

Idle thought: did new FORTRAN compilers require developers to re-visit all prior programs and edit them for compliance? (Okay, not backward compatibility is less important in compiled languages, which generate executable programs, than in interpreted languages that are translated at invocation time.)

"If _I_ were an interpreted-language developer, _I_ [sure as h*] would have _made [d*] sure_ _my_ new versions would have _no_ trouble running older ones."
Deleted the body of the post as largely irrelevant for the previous post.

The usual question. Was working, not working now, what changed ?

With the stock ubuntu 22.04 you can get un-attended upgrades whether you want them or not.

--- more edits---

You might get additional information if you unpack the appimage

Put the appimage launcher gimp-mathmap-22-04jammy.AppImage in a new folder

From a terminal start it with the --appimage-extract switch

./gimp-mathmap-22-04jammy.AppImage --appimage-extract

That creates a new folder squashfs-root containing a file AppRun

Start that from a terminal  dot-slash ./AppRun

It should start Gimp but if it does not there might be some extra information.

I have this as a permanent setup for kubuntu 22.04 / Gimp 2.10.32 from PPA .  Made a .desktop for that AppRun to launch Gimp. 


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