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Quartering simple strokes
Given a stroke with 4 simple Bezier splines:


but before you(*) jump with joy, I don't know yet how to compute the intersection of these curves (the corners of the squares), assuming it is anatically possible.

Otherwise, the algorithm is:
  • take two opposite sides: the guide strokes and the remaining sides, the shape strokes
  • extract from the two existing shape strokes the angle of incidence on the guide stroke and the relative distance of the tangent points to the distance of the two anchors
  • with this data you can map either shape stroke along the guides at some percentage: compute the two anchors, and given angle and distance, compute the two tangents
  • so do the computation for the same percent form the two shapes, and interpolate the tangents using the percentage: two anchors, two tangents, you have a line between the two guides.
  • rinse and repeat

(*) you know who you are...
(01-26-2018, 11:36 AM)Ofnuts Wrote: (*) you know who you are...

hi Smile

cloth ?
(01-26-2018, 09:46 PM)Espermaschine Wrote: cloth ?

Whatever fits your imagination... But the mind boggles. Given two envelope paths like the "initial" above, use path-inbetweener to generate the intermediate envelopes, apply the quartering on each, then stroke each quartered path on its own layer(*), and you have the animation of a flag in the wind.

Wondering is there is some use for some non-linear quartering (squared, rooted, or sine/cosine)

(*) paths are "quartered and drawn".
I've seen these kind of distorted wireframes a lot on techno flyers.

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