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Question about painting over a scan
(02-07-2018, 10:37 AM)Delfin93 Wrote: Allright! I googled it, but did not find an understandable answer to the question:
What is a Vector in GIMP?

All good questions. In Gimp a vector line/path is created is created using the paths tool. Path
You can trace out your image in Gimp using the path tool, but not so easy for a beginner Wink So I used a different application to produce that svg file.

Quote:And for what is the attached SVG-File?

The attached SVG is a vector file of the line drawing. Just try opening in Gimp.
The advantage of a SVG (vector) is it can be scaled up (or down) with no loss of quality when you import it

Quote:Okay, I will try it out again with the PlugIn

You have the right approach, try anything and everything. If ofnuts recipe works for you, use it.
The problem as I see it, for printing, your original image is small. Next time scan at 300 ppi

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