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Question about the ink tool

  OK, I have a general question about the ink tool. I use the ink tool with the dissolve setting and pressure sensitivity only. When I use the ink tool with my Wacom tablet as soon as I touch the tablet the tool goes on heavy. Is there anyway to adjust the settings so when I press lightly the stroke appears as a fine stroke and if I press down harder the stroke gets wider? Am I missing something obvious here? FYI: I don't need speed sensitivity just pressure sensitivity.

edit: Total rewrite: The Ink does not show a dynamic setting so try making pressure-size active in the paint tool first.

Seems to work here but not 100% convinced (since pressure-opacity not working for Ink)

I just tried it out. The ink tools settings don't want to be altered however I was able to get the pencil tool to work with just pressure sensitivity & it's behaving better then it has in a long time. As long as the pencil tool works on the dissolve setting plus has pressure sensitivity I'm happy. I'm using GIMP for Textile design & these two things are essential to what a textile designer needs. Thanks again Rich. Frederick

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