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Quick control of UI layout?
Hi all,

I use GIMP 2.8 for a variety of things, but lately I've been using it as a virtual whiteboard for remote training sessions.

In that mode, I set up a white-background canvas that's the same size as my screen, and set the user interface to:
full screen
100% zoom
canvas centered
no menubar
no statusbar
no scrollbar
no rulers

Then I just hit tab when I want to take control of things (which is pretty rare, since mostly I'm just using a pen)

The problem I'd like to resolve is that every time I start GIMP, or open a new "page" (i.e. new image) it defaults to a point where I have to set each of those things all over again, and seemingly one at a time.

Can I simplify this configuration? Two possible approaches came to mind:

1) perhaps there's a way to configure the defaults mode in which GIMP starts, and that addresses these, or most of these, things?
2) Could I do this from a script? I know nothing about GIMP's scripting language, but I'm a programmer, so it shouldn't be beyond me to work that out with some hints and reference material.

Most of what you want to do is in the gimprc and sessionrc files in your Gimp profile (and most of these settings are in Edit>Preferences).

No need for scripting, by design scripts cannot chant the UI anyway.
Doh, don't know why I couldn't see that. But pretty much perfect, thanks!

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