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RUN-WITH-LAST-VALS in Script-Fu is not what you might think
This RUN-WITH-LAST-VALS gave me a hard time, thus this is what I discovered on how it behaves (Related to this thread)

RUN-WITH-LAST-VALS Works per image session (ID would be correct), RUN-WITH-LAST-VALS cannot be transmitted to another opened image.

Thus if you have a bunch of images opened, you cannot run first RUN-INTERACTIVE on the first image to export and then RUN-WITH-LAST-VALS for the other images, thinking it will use the last settings you did use on the first image... That Will Not Work

How it works?
Example I want to export 5 opened images as JPG, but previously I did exported [Image 1] and [Image 3], the RUN-WITH-LAST-VALS will run like RUN-NONINTERACTIVE using the last values it found in the Image's session/ID in [Image 1] and [Image 3]
But will run RUN-INTERACTIVE for image [Image 2], [Image 4] and [Image 5], because there is no history in those images' session/ID of an export (whatever type of "Export")

There is also a "caveat", you export a second time but with another image/file type,
For example you did export all your images as PNG first, but you want also to export a second time as WebP to put on your website.

If you chose RUN-WITH-LAST-VALS, it won't ask you any question this second time it will run as RUN-NONINTERACTIVE for the WebP (or any other type) because in the image's session/ID it's "marked" as already exported...
But I don't know were RUN-WITH-LAST-VALS takes the values from PNG to transfer to WebP, because they are quite different, especially the options...

Anyway, I hope this help the first timer with Script-fu to not struggle to understand that behavior, like I did

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