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Reading DJVU

I found there is a module for GIMP to read .djvu files on

That is from 8 years ago, so I assume it must  be incorporated into the main program by now. Actually, when installing GIMP on my Windows machine, it declares itself as the default reader for djvu-files. And yet, it doesn't work. I assume because the proper open library, referenced in the above github page, is not installed for GIMP. How do I do that?

I'm running  GIMP 2.10.8 on Windows 10 Pro.

The error message is:

GIMP Message

Opening 'H:\ (filename) .djvu' failed: Unknown file type

Or is it something else ?

It doesn't look as though the plug-in you mention is included in the standard GIMP package (for 2.10.30). You would have to install the plug-in yourself (assuming that it is ready to be used).
Quote: ....I assume it must be incorporated into the main program by now.

Dangerous assumption for a not-too-popular format (apart from scientific / academic circles) Wink

Very easy to compile for linux, Windows I do not not know. Pulled a pre-compiled Windows version that works from my archive.

Just too large to attach here, so from my storage

Unzip and put the djvu folder, containing the two files djvu.exe libdjvulibre-21.dll in your Gimp 2.10 plugins folder

Not very convenient for multi-page files, you have to open each page individually
40 second example Win10 / Gimp 2.10.30.

A better bet might be XnViewMP which opens djvu files.

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