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Reference Grid

I was wondering if it is possible to create a reference grid. I have a couple of photos...different sizes...and would like to render a grid every 1cm. I managed to do that with Render-Pattern-Grid....however I would like to have a notation on the side so I can refer to the box in the grid by using references such as A1, B4 etc...Do you think it is possible?
You can add text. For example, if you type the letter A it will be on its own layer that can then be move into position. Same for B,C,1,2,3,etc

Take note that Gimp works in pixels, not cm. So 1cm will be 118.1 pixels if the resolution is 300dpi. This will be rounded to 118. This is close to 1cm, but not exactly 1cm.
How many rows and columns in the grid? It is one of those things which can have snags if you run out of letters or extend beyond 9 in numbers Wink

In particular, vertical text is a pain, Not too difficult to get something like this using a bulleted font. There are other ways but usually involves putting individual text into each cell.

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