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Removing fonts from Linux GIMP
Greetings, folks--
Does anyone have an idea on how to get rid of the extra fonts (for other alphabets, etc.) from GIMP in Linux Mint (Cinnamon)?  I have Fonts Manager and those fonts disabled but they still show up in GIMP.  Thanks in advance for any help!
On KDE, (Ubuntu 19.10) disabling the fonts in the font manager works...
Thanks, Ofnuts...
I am using Cinnamon instead of KDE, and I do have the font manager but no dice disabling them there.  Now that I think about it, I had to add Font Manager myself and I do not know if it is doing anything!
You could try the attached font-manager .deb (remember to un-zip it ) This is not the same as the from the repo. A double click should start the package installer and pull in any missing dependencies. Take no notice of '..a newer version is available .. messages.   see screenshot

In use: Once the fonts are scanned, Choose system and go down the list un-ticking the ones to disable.  When you close font-manager log out and log back in to make effective.   A list in Gimp rendered and much-much reduced.  screenshot:

Works here, no guarantees.

Edit: Actually, you can get it if you enable this 'buntu PPA (and there is an update)

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Thanks, Rich2005--
That is actually the font manager that I am using. No luck. Thanks though!

Edit: I added the PPA just to make sure. I do have the most recent version. although the website says that there is a .7.7 version. I have the .7.3 version.
(05-19-2020, 07:11 PM)petedecember Wrote: Thanks, Rich2005--
That is actually the font manager that I am using.  No luck.  Thanks though!

Technically the font manager application is mostly managing files in /etc/fonts/.
Strange how things vary. Those screenshots do come from a LM 17.1 admittedly not updated for some time and MATE DE I would not have thought that a Cinnamon version would be much different.

Have a look in  ~/.config/fontconfig/conf.d/  for the file 78-Reject.conf  file generated by Font-Manager. I will attach the one from that LM 17 installation for comparison, it might show some difference.

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Thanks for your help, guys--
I looked into /etc/fonts. Yep, they are there, but I don't feel comfortable just blitzing some of them to see what happens. Part of that is because of the 78-Reject.conf file. Mine has more characters but fewer lines. I glanced through it and everything seemed to be the same. My guess is that the difference is all of the different fonts with longer names. They must have switched a lot of fonts between 17.1 and 19.1. Thanks again for the help. Let me know if anything else comes to mind, please!
Font-manager should work, Is the current installation the result of successive upgrades from LM 19.1 to LN 19.3 ? It could just be that font-manager is stuck. Try moving the 78-Reject.conf out of its folder as a backup. That restores font manager to all fonts active. Let font-manager make a new conf file.

Those earlier screenshots were LM 19.1 (not 17.1 my typo) MATE version. I have a lot of dev packages installed in that, so a brand new LM 19.03 Cinnamon install (VM)

Gimp 2.10.14 from PPA lists these fonts.

Font-manager gets very slow when it comes to the Noto families of fonts. Something about those fonts.
I un-ticked in two stages up to Noto - a log-out & back in then down the noto and the remainder.

FWIW that gave a much reduced Gimp font list:

Otherwise, don't know. Something in your installation un-disabling the fonts Wink
ARGH! Update Manager just "had a broken packet," and now my Font Manager is gone! Update Manager did say something about a broken packet, but when I used the Broken Filter in packet manager it said that there weren't any broken packages. I am just about to remove my 78-Reject.conf file and do a reboot...

EDIT: After removing the 78-Reject.conf file and rebooting, the fonts are still all in GIMP and the Font Manager is still missing. I will reinstall font manager and will post any changes.

EDIT: Thanks for the suggestions rich2005! Smile

Thank-you again for the idea, rich2005: I reinstalled Font Manager and this time it worked. I was even able to figure out what fonts I wanted to disable by watching the font list in GIMP and hitting the font refresh button after I had gotten rid of some. The only problem now is that the font on my Chrome Browser is tiny.... ARGH!!

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