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Rendering an image!
Rendering an image is something that is really tough for me. I can't seem to do it at all and need some help. I would also appreciate it if someone could do a step by step tutorial or explanation of what they did! 

The picture I need rendered is: 
[Image: .eJwNx0ESwiAMAMC_cJcQQqX0NwxlANsKQ9KT499...height=430]

I need the character to be separated from the lightning and the background if someone could do that? 
Best technique is using paths:
Not rendering you want, just simple editing (without the !) As well as using paths you can use a layermask and carefully paint in the figure. see this for an example

however done the hard work for you Wink

Download and open the attached file, it opens straight up in Gimp. Hopefully you will try your hand at editing the layer mask just to see how it works. Then you probably need to export as a png to retain the transparency.

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Thanks rich 2005. Will study to understand the steps.

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