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Repeated crashes after working fine for weeks
Quote: ....snip...It looks like you're still using 2.8....

No, that is a Gimp 2.10.22 I just set it up because I think the old Gimp docks arrangement was very practical, and find the default black theme very hard on the eyes.
There are a few hints in this post , For a smaller monitor but still applicable. I use a HD 1920x1040 display no problem there.
I also like the 'compact' tool groups that came in after Gimp 2.10.14 - a great space saver. I do keep a 'portable' Gimp 2.8 just for those questions about it. I would not really want to go back to it full time. Using Windows, there are still portable versions of Gimp 2.8 around, unfortunately the better ones (64 bit from partha) are not so easy to find, needs a delve into the internet archive Smile
It is also possible in Windows to have both a regular Gimp 2.10 and a 2.8 A bit of a Windows registry PITA

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RE: Repeated crashes after working fine for weeks - by rich2005 - 06-08-2021, 11:15 AM

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