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Report on creating / updating scripts
Hi Ofnuts,

I noticed the creation / update on April 4th of this year of the ofn-select-layer-box. Is this thanks to the user error in the post pid = 22967 # pid22967.

I myself am not sure if all of your scripts I have are up to date or not. I would have to check almost one by one as to whether they are up-to-date or not, but for convenience and not having problems I don't do it.

It seems to me that here on the forum there is no topic that keeps us informed of these creations / updates.

There may be other ways, as there is a 'Get Updates' link on the downloads page. But I suppose that requires subscribing via email to some kind of service.

What do you think about posting a topic on this forum with current records about your creations / updates?

Perhaps also useful to provide other script writers with a space where they can inform the updating of their scripts. All in a single post, facilitating consultation and monitoring.

If it weren't for the user's mistake in downloading the wrong script, it would take me a while to become aware of this new script - ofn-select-layer-boxDodgy

Well, not all my scripts are useful to all the people. Normally the "important/popular" ones have a support thread in to announce them and mention updates when they occur (code fixes or improvement).

Fun thing, ofn-select-layer-box was a really quick job which I didn't think was worth announcing to the world. I put it on SF to be able to refer to it if necessary. And it turns out it has got 140 download in 10 days, making it possibly my hottest seller ever... So obviously there are folks keeping an eye on my repos.

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