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Resolution Issue
A couple weeks ago the display settings for GIMP somehow changed. The display resolution seems to have altered somehow and now all toolboxes, icons, etc are VERY small (to the point of being nearly unusable). I have tried uninstalling 2.10 three times now. I even uninstalled .10 and reinstalled .8 and .8 has the same issue. I cannot find what file has been edited to create this issue. I've literally searched my drive and deleted anything with the name GIMP in it, but I cannot get my computer to the point as though it has never seen the program before. Does anyone have any idea how I can COMPLETELY delete GIMP and EVERYTHING related to it from my PC (other than formatting the drive Dodgy ) or a way to manually edit the display resolution for GIMP? Thanks for any help.

So, I've been messing around for the past couple hours and have found a work-around, but if anyone has a true solution, please let me know.

In case anyone is interested: as a temporary work-around I had to lower my system resolution by about half (to double the apparent size), then used the Windows display to scale the view back down. Then go into the program files and properties for the GIMP executable. From there I could disable the Windows scaling (compatibility tab - change high DPI settings).

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