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I have downloaded and installed the resynthesizer plugin on my MacOS Ventura 13.4, but it does NOT show under Filter > Enhence. You can see that the files are in the plugin folder, but they don't show up in the app menu. Does anyone know what's going on? Please help!

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Nothing showing under Filter -> Enhance ? Not even the python plugins ? Do you have a Gimp python ? Look in Filters menu and there should be a Python-Fu entry.

Going by the file size you got the plugin from here: Then followed the installation advice for OSX packages yes/no ?

Are you sure they are in the correct folder? I would have expected to see a 2.10 top of the Finder window.


In the correct folder, not working ? All you can do is check that the files are executable, they unpack as such here in linux...but...that package is now 5 years old, made for an older OSX and no guarantee that it works with up-to-date OSX.
Don't know if Mac works the same as windows with - try refreshing the folder or closing and reopening gimp


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