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SPAM: Give some power to your beloved members.
Big Grin 
Spam... I see them more and more often.

The Report button is not enough IMHO, from my time zone it can happens that I still see a spam in cyrillic promoting porn or an idiot titling about taxes and spamming a snorkeling website and pretending that our "knowledge concerning the things" thus showing no idea what GF is about... I see them for the next 6/8 hours or more until an admin wakes up from its time zone, it hurts my eyes  Big Grin

Two suggestions if I may:
- As no one here write cyrillic, and russian spammers are very-very stubborn, why not detect a first post from new member (less than 3 messages) in cyrillic, if cyrillic, unsubscribe him, delete session and redirect the spammer to

English and other Latin characters...
- If a long term member or a well known member, or a member above a certain number of posts,  report a spam with the report button, the spam post goes into a "garage" and does not appear on the forum, Admins will decide if spam or not when they wake up in their time zone.
- If multiple short term members (members who have few posts and/or few months on GF with few messages), report a spam, like 3 members report the same spam, then same as above, the spam goes in a "garage" and does not appears until an Admin decide if spam or not
- Or a mix of both above.

Lovely Admins, what do you think?

PS: A good add-on, If a member has reported 10 true spams, s/he has the right to change the "title" under their avatar for what s/he want ("Obsessive Gimper" for the rest of my life? I want to cry Cry )
The recent string of spams all came from an address range that has been banned. I'm investigating other road blocks.

There is a secret title for people with over 1000 posts. You'll discover it in time Smile
(06-30-2022, 02:26 PM)Ofnuts Wrote: There is a secret title for people with over 1000 posts. You'll discover it in time Smile

If it's still with the word "Gimper" I'm scared Big Grin

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