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Saving to .pdf problem
I can open a multipage .pdf in Gimp 2.8.22 as layers and work on it without difficulty. When I try to save it as a .pdf, all I get is one page and the others are lost.  Is there any way to save a multipage .pdf using Gimp?
This one is good for a few pages, anything more and you are better off using some other application.

looks like this: It is hidden in the File -> Create menu

[Image: EwwSxPA.jpg]

The pages need to be separate images so easiest way is open the PDF as images rather than layers. Otherwise start dragging layers out Wink

It is slow to use, each page has to be added individually, remember to set a destination, the script does not remind you.

Edit: Remember that Gimp will convert any vectors in the PDF to bitmaps (makes for big PDF files) so if there is lots to edit LibreOffice is not a bad choice.
Thank you very much, Rich. I wonder why there is an open as layers option if you must still save as separate images? I usually only open a .pdf in Gimp for a few small edits, but may be on more than one page. For extensive editing, I use the original document (Microsoft Word 7), that I used before converting to .pdf.
Just an update for Gimp 2.10 in case a search ends up here.

Gimp 2.10 now has an option to export-to-pdf multiple pages for an image with layers


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