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Scope of Webp
Do you think that it is worth using Webp for animated images through GIMP 2.10 ? I found how to do it, but I am not sure whether I will be able to upload one here, or Imgur.
You can upload it here (I added that to the possible upload extensions a while ago) but unfortunately the forum software still doesn't see it as an "image" type. So you can have webp attachments:

.webp   Peggy-90.webp (Size: 226.09 KB / Downloads: 33)

But you won't get the image displayed in the post text, and if you click on them , you'll be asked if you want to download them (but one possible answer in the dialog is to have them opened in Firefox/Chrome...).

Personally, I have switched to Webp for the images in the HTML docs of my scripts, but since they are loaded as local files, the browser uses the extension to determine what to do (when the image in from a server, it's the server that tells what to do).
Looking this up during my lunch break. Made a first change so that Webp is no longer a "force-download" type, if you click on a webp attachnment (such as the one above) it opens in a new browser tab (at least on Firefox and Chrome). Have to find a way to coerce the code into generating a true thumbnail so that the image is displayed in the post. Maybe later tonight.
You are good with PHP too ? Nice Smile
(12-03-2019, 03:18 PM)meetdilip Wrote: You are good with PHP too ? Nice Smile

Nope. Just learning, actually my first lines of PHP code. But that makes it my 32th(*) programming language.

There a little programmer's limerick:

A programmer started to cuss
Cos getting to sleep was a fuss
As he lay in his bed, going round in his head
was while (!asleep) sheep++

(*) A while ago I bragged in a forum than I had used about 20 different programming languages. Feeling guilty, I made a a count, and got 29 Smile.
Microsoft Edge (default browser for Win10) displays properly your attachment as an image.

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