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Scottish fabric
Need Scottish fabric in your graphic composition? Tartanmaker can help you : The result is available as png file. 
Surprisingly good, easy to use, with a result of good quality.
Thank you for this little website gem.
Just made me think that making a tartan pattern directly in Gimp is deceptively simple when you think about it.

Which one is the clan MacOfnuts tartan ? Wink
(06-06-2021, 09:00 AM)rich2005 Wrote: Which one is the clan MacOfnuts tartan ?  Wink

There is the obvious one made from the colors of the French flag (dark version):


but it looks a bit too much like a table cloth in a restaurant (which is nice as an indirect reference, but isn't too wearable)

Then there is the one inspired by the colors of my Linux terminal:


And there is the one inspired by my favorite liquids: sea water, strong beer and red ink:

OK, got it scripted. Just have to write a doc. This is the "Caribbean blue" gradient s a tartan:


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