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Screen size
I am learning Gimp and Inkscape I'm using a laptop with only a 14inch screen which I find annoying to say the least.
Really I want a second monitor mainly to watch tutorials while working, so I'm just wondering if its worth it buying a £60.00 21 inch monitor on Amazon would it benefit my experience using Gimp. I really dont want to invest 100's of pounds on anything right now.
Certainly possible. I mostly use a 14" HD (1920x1080) laptop here but I do have a desktop with a 23" HD monitor. Unplugging a few things and hooking the 23" to the laptop: Shows the overlap.

Doubles the width so no real problem to run a browser on one and Gimp on the other. £60 is real bottom price. Watch out for 'seconds' that might come with dead (or worse bright) pixels that can be really annoying.
Thanks a lot for the advice. You're probably fully aware by now I have absolutely no idea about graphics so this is all a learning kerb for me.

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