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Script-Fu: Where can I read the full list of functions?
I'm very new to script-Fu and very poor at English.
I would like to read the full list of functions or the corresponding documents of it, except for those described in "the procedure browser" of the software, but failed to find it.
Where can I read it? Is it in the software, any folder of installing PC or the website?
(I'm using ver. 2.10)
Thank you in advance.
In the script-fu console (Filters>Script-fu>Console) hit the "Browse..." button. Everything is documented there.

Now, if you want to keep your sanity, use Python instead of script-fu. More readable, more powerful... and you can later use your acquired Python skills for many other things.
Is there a way to refresh the python scripts without having to close and re-open Gimp?
No... but this is needed only for the registration. While you debug you can change the code between two executions of the script without needing to restart Gimp, as long as the registration information doesn't change.

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