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Script fu automation
Hello all, I am newbie in gimp and want to create simple script.

My goal:
1. Delete some parts of picture for example (X:100, Y:200, W:150, H:250)
2. move part of picture from X:10, Y:20, W:15, H:25 to X:100, Y:200
and I would like to repeat point 2 few times.

for example I would like to have something like that: SELECT(X,Y,W,H) -> DELETE(selection) -> SELECT(X,Y,W,H) -> MOVETO(X,Y,W,H)

I have started with console script: (gimp-image-select-rectangle image 0 0 0 64 64)
but it throws Error: eval: unbound variable: image

I think the console script would be enough for me, I don't need script to be saved in scripts folder.

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