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Scripts error when Script-Fu refreshing
Hi all, I am pretty new to GIMP however wanted to make panorama with pandora. I put that script to both folders and wanted to refresh by Script-Fu as manual says. But there is some error in gimp or all the scripts (idk) as you can see on the screenshot. Could anyone help me please fix that?
[Image: Sn-mek-obrazovky-2020-03-30-v-13-22-24.png]
Because you want to make panoramas with pandora, I've installed pandora on my PC (windows 10). I see you have an iOS,OSX/macOS system but it doesn’t matter in this discussion. I get no errors after installing pandora (gimp 2.10.18), but I've tried pandora without satisfying results. If you want a good free panorama maker, try hugin (works on OSX):
This program is much better because it correct the deformation on photos (lens / viewpoint).
For making good panorama photos, the camera must be mounted on a tripod with the focal point of the lens in the pivoting point of the head on the tripod. In this case it is maybe possible to use pandora in gimp with satisfying results. But most people make the different photos by hand so one gets some deformations that are tricky to correct with pandora. Hugin is also free and does it better. I've read it also just a while ago in this forum :
Regardless of the virtues of Hugin / Pandora / Autopano / Nip2 or anything else, the question is about the script-fu error messages.

Unfortunately, not many (none) active OSX users on this forum. Hopefully one will come along to give some pertinent advice.

Quote:I am pretty new to GIMP however wanted to make panorama with pandora. I put that script to both folders

I am not comfortable with that comment both folders  User scripts should go in your users scripts folder and in a Mac will be the one with your id in it.  This is a VM and Gimp 2.10.10 so more than a bit out of date, just an example.


All those errors messages come from Gimp default script-fu scripts. They should all work without a problem. So I suspect you have broken something. Not going to be easy to fix.

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