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Shortcuts question
Hi fellow GIMPers!

I'd like to set a custom shortcut and can't figure it out. So I have a script "Arrange Layers" which has a few options. It's annoying to make several clicks, I'd like it set to a shortcut (for example ALT + . or something) that would do all that in 1 action.

(click) Image
(mouse point) Arrange Layers -> Space
(click) Horizontally
[window pops up]
(click) OK (or press Enter)

So I'd like to assign a shortcut for the entire SEQUENCE. Could anyone help?

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Go to Edit>Keyboard shotcuts. In the search bar at the top, enter "-layers-" to restrict the list to possible candidates. Then select the one you want (one of the "python-fu-" ones), click on the line, and then enter the key combo you would like to use as a short-cut (caution: many are already used, so you get told about that, but you don't really know which important shortcut you'll override...).
Hi Ofnuts, thanks for the suggestion! I tried, and set the shortcut for my desired action. But one "problem" is, it still brings up the confirmation dialogue box.. And I can't confirm it with enter (was always in my head I could) so I have to click OK still. It's better then before, but I'd love it if it would confirm the dialog automatically - or just skip it and apply.

So now my improved sequence is:

(click shortcut) CTRL + Ž
[window pops up]
(click) OK (pressing Enter don't work)

Is there a way to merge the last step into first?
If you want to repeat the execution of the script with the same parameters just use Filters>Repeat last (Ctrl-F)(if you didn't execute another script/plugin in between).

Otherwise, like with all dialogs, you can move the keyboard focus from "widget" to "widget" using the tab key, so:
  • when the dialog opens, the focus is on the space entry, you can enter numbers with the keyboard
  • hit [tab], the focus goes to the "Help" button
  • hit [tab], the focus goes to the "OK" button, if you hit [enter] the script runs
  • hit [tab], the focus goes to the "Cancel" button, if you hit [enter] the dialog closes without executing the script.
So, if you call again the dialog with your shortcut, [shortcut]+[tab]+[enter] should re-execute the dialog.

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