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Simple tools for animations.
I am a great believer in using the basic Gimp tools wherever possible, some easy to use 'effects' scripts quickly produce a result, but getting the same 'result' as everyone else, is not very creative.

However, sometimes scripts and plugins are a boost to productivity, especially when it comes to animations and the many-many layers that are involved. If you are really into animation then go for the old Gimp Animation Plugin/Package GAP. 

I do not really want that monster cluttering up my installation just for the very occasional animation project, so here are some scripts and plugins used in the demo video that might come in useful.

This one might only be needed once-in-a-while but it does save a lot of manual work. There are others that do similar.

Saul Goodes page. 

Worth bookmarking, lots of useful scripts including one to manage layer-groups. You can do it by hand but for more that a few layers, it becomes very tedious.

Ofnuts plugins.

If you need to merge two animations or add text then is very straight forward. 
Duplicating layers, various ways by hand but speeds the process up.

Finally a little tool, does not do very much, I use it mainly for dumping layers to single png's with sensible numbered names. Nice simple plugin for renaming layers,

All of those in action.


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