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Smart select
Is there any plugin that uses AI or ML to make selecting objects easier for 2.10 ?
No. There is a monster plugin (runs to about 1 GB size) for linux Gimp 2.10

One of the plugins (deep matting) is a foreground select / extract. Truthfully not that much better than the regular Gimp foreground extract.
Thanks admin.
How to install this in Windows 10 ? I see only methods for Mac and Ubuntu.
Sorry, linux only and not much better than Gimp Foreground Extract tool.

If you are up for a bit of experiment, not Gimp 2.10 but the latest 2.99.8 development version. A paint-in selection tool Wink

Enable it from Edit -> Preferences -> Playground and restart Gimp.

Looks like this and now you know as much as I do about it.

Have you tried the gmic interactive foreground extract filter ? Depends on the image, no good for lots of hair strands, but then nothing is.
Thanks. I am just curious, that's all Smile

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