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So you think your smartphone does nice photos
Maybe it is faking it.

Photographic proof? Is that still possible?
(11-26-2023, 10:50 AM)denzjos Wrote:

3 mistakes...
I used to have an analog camera Pentax SP1000 and a collection of lenses and filters. I had bought a number of books on photography and quickly understood how shutter speed, aperture and ISO were proportional to each other. It was also very educational to get to know the DOF of lenses with different focal lengths. Also the optical effect of the distances between the objects: telephoto: the closer the objects come to each other (small angle of view) and vice versa with wide angle. Now I have a small digicam with which everything can be set manually and is easy to carry and is sufficient for me to take snapshots. I also have a smartphone where taking photos involves hopeless manipulation of icons (made for little fingers). And then you get a photo whose colors do not correspond to reality at all. With the digital camera: hold, aim, zoom and click. Photo in a few seconds. So, as you mention: three times wrong.

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