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Some readily available effects other than filters and gradients.

Recently i was looking for some effects other than filters/gradients on an animation or image for that matter and i was only able to find a very few that met my requirement.

For example:

I wanted to add a broken glass effect to an animation that had the borders/outline of a mirror.So I searched the web using key word "broken/shattered glass with transparency".

While there were many results, only a few seemed okay and couldn't use any or require the animation be altered.

And i felt these two vectors were the best IMO:

If there are any other sources on the web that you may find can be readily used(with permission) as an effect on an image/animation ,We may save time by not building the effect from scratch.

Please share any knowledgebase/source for readily available effects.
Have you downloaded GMIC yet? 480+ filters including gradients & many others. Much better than the standard filters in program.

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