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Start GIMP from several images
I know that I can start GIMP by right clicking an image file in a file manager, and select "open with GIMP". However, if I select several files and try to open GIMP out of that selection, it will launch a new instance for each image. I want to start ONE instance of GIMP, with the image files in tabs. Like if I open them one by one. Is there a setting, or is this (mis-)behaviour due to limitation of the OS? 

I'm using GIMP 2.10.8, running under Windows 7.
When you do this, the file explorer stars a program instance per image (on all platforms). After that t is a matter of all these instances figuring that there should be only one, and deciding which. It is possible that all the instances started at the same time don"t see the other ones.

However, if you start an empty instance first, all the instances from the grouped start in the file explorer should see it and you should en up with all the pictures in the same instance.

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