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Steam start to be dangerous!
If you have Steam on Linux, you can think that games made for the Microsoft's Windows won't work on Linux if they don't have the Steam icon, at least that's what I thought...
Then I came by this website > where people gave their experience and trial on how to make a Windows specific game works on Linux choosing in Steam which Proton to use.

Long time ago I was addicted to a game called "Defense Grid: The Awakening" when I was on macOSX (not via the steam platform, though), and I always saw that it was only for Windows on Steam (no Steam icon).
On a guy on Ubuntu set Steam to use proton 4.2 and said it was working like a charm, thus I get it a try and bought that game (Steam give you back the money if you ask them and explaining why).

Jeezzzz. what did I do?!?! My addiction to this game get back Big Grin , and yes it's working like a charm setting Steam to use proton 4.2 for this game.

Now knowing this website (protondb), I'm scared to search a game for the Microsoft's Windows OS, cause now I'm almost sure someone found out a solution to make it work on Linux Blush Big Grin

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