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Stitch scanned document
Stitch parts of a large scanned document can be done with commercial programs such as 'RasterStitch' but also it is possible to do this in gimp. It can be done in Hugin but using the SaulGoode 'sg-fit-face.scm script also can do the job :  
Two scanned documents :
The documents stitched :
I use the Ofnuts
It works very well.
@Blighty, yes, Ofnuts and gimp, that is always a good combination.
This said, with scans, you don't even need to scale...
Thanks for the sg-fit-face.scm denzjos.
I'm going to try/play with it Wink

EDIT: It works well on a plan/map when you choose the exact point(path are also at the same length), what I also like, it's if you got a plan when 1 side is bigger than the other one, it will automatically scale it by using those 2 points, when selecting points you need to be very precise at the pixel level, though, but it's a fantastic tool Wink

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