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Stylus / Mouse Pen or what??
Hi - I've been using GIMP on and off for a while, but I've just bought a Windows 11 tablet [HP Pro x2 612 fwiw], which has a touch screen. I was hoping to be able to use some species of pen to draw lines etc. in GIMP. Could anyone tell me what I want?? It's not a graphics tablet or it would be easier to find what I need. I think. TIA.
According to this:

HP’s Pro X2 also comes with a Wacom Active Pen that you can use with Windows Ink to draw or take notes, and you can store it in the pen loop included with the keyboard.

and according to this:

Wider coverage of input devices thanks to Windows Ink support

So you should try the development version currently 2.99.10 from

You can have both Windows Gimp 2.99.x and Gimp 2.10.x installed at the same time

Unlikely that a Gimp 2.10.x will work with a touch screen (but who knows, give it a try)

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