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Stylus button shortcut opening menu box (Help)
Hello, so I'm going to try and describe what is happening as best as I can. 

I have a Huion 190GT Tablet and I've been using Gimp for quite a few years for art. I have the latest version and latest drivers for my tablet supplied by on Huion's website. 
I shortcut my Undo command (Ctrl Z) to one of the buttons on my Stylus Pen's buttons which has always worked fine. However yesterday it started popping up a menu box instead displaying options (File, edit, select, view etc etc) However if I hover the cursor over the toolbox or layers it will complete the command without popping up the menu box. This has made my work extremely slow and frustrating because I am not used to having to move my cursor off the canvas to undo, and I undo a lot. Does anyone know how I can fix it so that it does not pop up this menu anymore? 

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Just to let you know you are not being ignored. The problem is not many Huion tablets users around that might have a solution.

Hopefully one will come along.

Quote:yesterday it started popping up a menu box instead displaying options (File, edit, select, view etc etc)

However, the normal action of ctrl-z is to undo the the last action straight away without any of the above.
On my installation - linux Gimp 2.8.22 displaying options (File, edit, select, view etc etc) is invoked with a right mouse click.
Very long shot: Maybe check that some recent Windows update has not reset the tablet settings
What I believe is happening is Gimp thinks that button, no matter what I set it to in my settings, is my right click button. Is there anyway you can think of that I can do to stop this?
Not sure if this is helpful, but I had a similar problem with my Ugee pen/tablet and the right-click menu popping up unexpectedly.

I got around it by re-installing the software and un-ticking (un-checking) a box on the interface that reads 'Supports Digital Ink'.. no idea why this worked but it did.

Don't know whether this would apply to your Huion tablet or not.

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