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Tablet detection
Quote:hello. I just bought a new tablet and here's what happened. I opened gimp with it but the option for the tablet was greyed out. It wouldn't use my tablet as the input device. So I restarted gimp several times., I installed the update, still nothing. I deleted the input option for my tablet hoping it would reconnect correctly, but now the tablet option is just gone, even after I uninstalled and reinstalled gimp. What can i do?
It is important that you give correct information. Your profile says WindowsXP and Gimp 2.10 but Gimp 2.10 does not run on WindowsXP Wink

Could be all sorts of things including the latest Gimp 2.10 installer which is broken in some areas, one of them might be graphic tablets.

If you give the make and model of the tablet, there is a chance that someone uses the same and can give advice. Better chance of an answer with Wacom than Huion, UGee, X-PEN....

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